Friday, May 19, 2006

I filed a spot last night after the mountain coughed up another plume of soot and toxic gas. A part of the lava dome collapsed – it’s 1.3 million cubic meters in volume – anyone want to submit size comparisons? How many famous skyscrapers full of lava is that? In any case, the volcanologists say the dome’s structural integrity is the key to it’s pending eruption. If it all goes at once, it’ll be a big one. Monday’ and Wednesday’s explosions were caused by just a small part of the dome falling into the crater. So far, the spiritual watchers have remained cool about the state of the “mountain of fire”. So there’s still a lot of people up there, even though rivers of lava have been flowing out of the crater for several days. The royal volcano watcher still says it’s not going to erupt yet. The mountain erupts every two to seven years, and so far, his prediction rate has been a hundred percent correct.


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